Thursday, October 24, 2013

oct 21-23

Milestone alert: incredible bike riding happening!  Tommy got a big kid bike last Friday, and after 2 short practices, he was riding it like a pro.  He's consumed with riding as much as possible. Nothing has epitomized 'big kid' quite as much as seeing him ride independently on this bike.

Olive loves keeping up!  She's been jogging down the city streets, chasing after him in the bike.  I'm left pushing the child-free stroller.

Olive studying her shirt and saying "mummy."
The day we bought the bike, I couldn't get the training wheels off, so he spent an afternoon with them on. The next day they were off, and the fun began.

Oct 21
Face paint at school, practice braiding, and dance class.
To hear the soundtrack to our days lately, check out track 13 Ipi Ntombo, a catchy song we first heard in Tommy's dance class.  Olive will look at us and say, "hiya?" whenever she thinks she'll hear it.  Also love the new Elizabeth Mitchell and Dan Zanes album, Turn, Turn, Turn. Olive was entranced and sat through almost the entire concert before she got up to dance.

Grumpy butterfly and heart

Oct 22 
Practiced writing numbers 2 and 6. Loop of 6 reminded us of the pouches in the marsupials that we read about in the morning.
Played tic tac toe with numbers.
Played pictionary and captioned the pictures. Highlights were "scaredy cat" and "alien hovercraft"
Read book without words and T made up a story to describe pictures.
Baked squash seeds and bread, then biking to French St park

Oct 23 
School, lunch with Chris at Pete's Apizza, letter to David practicing spelling and writing, bike ride to library 
underground parking garage glamour shot

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