Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Out on the town

Tommy enjoys a meal at Al Crostino, our favorite Italian restaurant on U Street.

Nidhi joined us for our first dinner out with the boy.

We like to think we're hip.

The boy in the classic kid's sleeping pose. Love it.

Week 2

It's been an exciting 11 days since Tommy arrived. Monday was a banner day for him. His umbilical cord stump fell off, he passed his hearing test, and had gained a pound since last Tuesday. So he initially lost 1/2 a pound from his birth weight, then gained it back and added an extra 1/2 pound in 6 days. Way to go, little man. We made it out for a walk in the stroller yesterday. He barely filled up the new ride, but fell right asleep during the excursion. Gonna try to get out again today. Here are some pics from the past few days...

EZ and the snoozing little guy.

Ready for a ride around U Street.

We went for a walk to the grocery store. First time out in the stroller. EZ lookin like a hip momma.

The ride put him right to sleep.

Tom and Meredith brought us dinner last night. Delicious meal and awesome rum cake dessert. Thanks, y'all.

Tita Liz visits again on her way back to NYC.

Vu holds little T. Maybe he'll be able to learn some culinary skills from Vu someday.

Closeup of the sleeping boy.

Tommy and his Pops.

Tommy's facial expressions are so fun to watch. He goes from smiling to frowning to pouting to intense stares in seconds. Always changing.

Tito John and Tita Kelley brought the family up for a visit. Tommy could probably fit into Grayson's diaper. Hard to imagine he's going to grow up so big.

Mom and son share a quiet moment together.

Tito Rick holds his nephew. Rick thinks he's pretty awesome. He sure is.

Tita Michelle gets a few minutes to hold Tommy the little heat box. He's so warm and cuddly.

Tommy with his Tito and Titas. Smiles all around.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

Tommy is one week old today. He's putting on some ounces and charming us everyday. It's been such a great week, filled with tough work, fun faces, and love all around. Big thank you to Mom who was here until this morning helping in so many ways. And thanks to Alison, who was Tommy's first babysitter last night while we went to dinner. Much love to everyone.

Three's Company.

One week young...

Lola and Tommy in stripes.

Alison kept watch over Tommy while we went to Sala Thai for dinner. Our first time away from him went smoothly, despite a bit of separation sadness. A mojito helped EZ with that...

Closeup of the boy.

Tita Liz gets a little Tommy love.

Lola's birthday card. Like Nanay would do, she snuck him a little birthday moolah on the down low before she left.

Sleeping with chubby cheeks.

The ol' fish eye. Or is the crook eye? Or the stink eye? Whatever it is, it cracks us up.

EZ gazing at her little one.

Dreamy sleep with the little guy.

Rutledge visits for lunch. He brought gifts in an attempt to convert him to a George Mason fan. We'll see about that...

Nidhi comes over for visit.

Passing his first pediatrician visit with flying colors.

Doing an ab workout. Keep those legs up!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

T With Family And Friends

Some pics of Tommy with loved ones. We're enjoying getting to know the boy and figuring out this parenthood business. Lots of great moments already in his first 3 days...

With Dad and Mom on the birthday.

The Three Wise Women come bearing breakfast. We all thank you so much, Nidhi, Alison and Ginny. We could not have done it without your love and support.

Aunt Ginny coos at the new delivery. The Captain of the Cake inspired amazing whipping of egg whites and baking of German chocolate cake. Simply awesome.

Grandpa and Granny meet grandson #2.

Alison, your enthusiasm for this kid is out of this world! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tommy meets his Auntie Marianne. We're so appreciative of all the mothering advice and wisdom she shared with us. Can't wait for him to meet Uncle Chris and big cousin David.

Tommy and his Lola meet late Saturday night. Very glad she made it up to see him on his birthday.

EZ's teddy bear Gladly is happy to share the bed with little Tommy.

Tita Liz gazes lovingly at her nephew. She's smitten. The I Love NY onesie is adorable.

The Chao-Gays come over to see the new guy. Arturo and Fran enjoyed holding him, but the girls appeared to be unimpressed. Wait til they're charmed by the younger man...

The proud grandparents.

JJ is clearly ready for babysitting duty.

Sandra was rumored not to like holding babies. Way to change her mind, T.

Love that T-Bone! Thanks to Claire for making our favorite red hat. He looks great in it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome, Little One!

Baby Thomas Carlton Zwicker was born at home this morning. He weighs 7 lbs., 6 oz., and measures 21 inches long. And he's about as cute as can be.