Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Other May Happenings

As the summer solstice has come and gone, and the hot, humid summer has hit full stride, Papa is still in catch-up mode on the blog. So, here are some random shots from last month.

We did some planting in the front yard, and sure enough, Tommy was right in the middle of it, digging with his shovel, wanting to spray the hose, and everything. Unfortunately, the hydrangea we planted has not blossomed, probably because it got down into the 30's the night after we planted it. I never claimed to have a green thumb...

We met Katy, Jason and Sophie at the Greek festival at Saint Sophia Cathedral in NW. Beautiful day, great food and music, wonderful company. What's not to enjoy?
Back up off my skewered chicken!

Another gathering with a food theme: Stay-At-Home-Dad BBQ in Fairfax. T and Papa drove to the burbs to join other stay at home dads from the area in doing what we do best: watch kids and grill food. The bubble-machine was a huge hit, and so was the sandbox. He is hanging with two girls, but that's not lipstick on his mouth. It's strawberry...

While CC was away on a golf trip, Margaret and Callie came up to keep EZ and the boy company. And Martha came over to babysit while EZ and Margaret stole away for dinner and drinks w/Alison and Nidhi. A mini-reunion of Wellesley sisters.

There was also a group lunch at Clyde's for Fran's birthday.

Camera shy? I wouldn't say so.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Louisa Livin'

The second weekend in May, we went down to Rick and Michelle's house for a family get-together. We really enjoyed the company of family during a relaxing weekend. And, the pool was open for business. Little Tommy couldn't get enough. He's a fish! A fish, I tell you. He would crack us up by throwing stuff into the pool and yelling, "Pa-Lop!" Hilarious.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tathāstu - It Shall Be So

It's June. And there are no pictures from May. So, here we go!

The beginning of May took us to Baltimore to attend the wedding of our good friends, Nidhi and Anuj. Tommy had to get all decked out in the proper attire, so he dressed in his Filipino barong tagalog for the Garba Raas traditional Indian dance night. This is the same barong his Papa wore as a kid, and it was a bit big, but he wore it well, and danced the night away.

The Bettlers were in town from New Mexico, and Tommy was completely smitten with Amani. He grabbed her hand, hit the dance floor and did not let go.

MAN DOWN! The dancing got a bit quick when Eann joined in, and Tommy went down. Musta been distracted as he passed by his parents and took his eye off the dance floor...

At the wedding, all three of us dressed in Indian attire. I must say, EZ and TZ wore it better, but I think we all looked the part and thoroughly enjoyed the festivites.

Such a poser, this kid...

And when Tommy hit the reception dance floor, it was time for some serious moves. The curls were definitely in full effect as he worked up a sweat and spun like there was no tomorrow. The faces say all that needs to be said about that:

He even (begrudgingly) shared the stage with Nikhil.

Tommy and his chaperones at the end of our night.

The proof's in the passed-out toddler. It was a fun wedding!

Up and at 'em the next morning. View of Mount Vernon Square in the window of our hotel room.

Saying goodbye to the Bettlers.

Tathastu is a word spoken by the guests during the wedding ceremony in witness of the bride and groom's joining in marriage. It's meaning is similar to Amen. It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful celebration. Congrats, Nidhi and Anuj!