Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Haircut #2

Last month, we took Tommy to a real live barbershop on U Street to get his hair cut. We'd been talking about it for quite sometime, as his hair had gotten that unruly, wavy-curly rockstar mullet type vibe going. Last year, we buzzed it all off, and grew to regret taking all those curls off. Luckily they all grew back. And then some! So it was time to get a trim. While the barber took off more than we had asked, he left a bit on top which still gets a bit curly when the boy gets sweaty or it's a bit humid. Tommy's expression is the one he gets when he's super excited on the inside but looks extremely unhappy on the outside. He was a very compliant customer and definitely enjoyed the experience.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Futbol, anyone?

We got Tommy enrolled in a 6-week soccer class held on Sunday mornings. He was so excited when we registered for it, and for the next couple of weeks, he went around telling everyone, "I have a soccer class!" Being a typical three year old, when the morning of the first class came around, of course he decided he didn't want to go. After a lot of reminders about how excited he was about registering and having Coach Arthur be his coach, he went along with the program. And as predicted, he had a ball! Running around chasing and kicking a ball with his tongue wagging is right up his alley. Ben Olsen would be proud.

And the game ball goes to...Lola, who suffered through a foot injury to attend his first class.

Go Hoos Go!

What a year the Hoos had! Winning 6 games would have been a good season. Winning 8? Didn't see that coming, but happy to see it happen. Now if we could only find a way to attend the Chick-Fil-A bowl on New Year's Eve...

We went down to Charlottesville to see the team break the 3-game losing streak to (ack!) Duke. Tommy's fanhood was brought into question when all he wanted to talk about was the Blue Devil mascot. But he sang the Good Old Song with enthusiasm and still talks about the CavMan video in which CavMan and the Blue Devil "pretend to fight." So, he's still in the good graces of UVA fans (for now).

He and his fellow little Hoo, Milla, tailgated like pros and posed for a few photos to commemorate their first game together. I think he's trying to teach Milla how to eat a football. Here's to many more trips to C'ville!

Game Face!

Oh, and technically, the Hoos are undefeated in the presence of Baby #2! Wahoowa!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

October 2011

Getting closer to real-time after all these catch-up posts!

We took at trip to Larriland Farm to pick apples with the playgroup friends. It was so much fun to be out there with everyone to enjoy the season and spend some time together since the kiddos started separate schools, and our regular Wednesday playgroups ended.

Our next farm stop was at Shlagel Farms with the Honeybees Hive (Tommy's preschool). We took a tractor ride, played in a cornbox, and picked out a pumpkin. Good stuff.

We also checked out the annual Howard Homecoming parade. Heading down to Georgia and Florida Avenues to watch is becoming a bit of a tradition for us. Tommy still loves those marching bands, and he brought his own drum to play along this year.

He looks a bit grossed out in this pic, but he enjoyed carving the pumpkin.

Impromptu Halloween costume number 1 - Construction Worker. We had to get him dressed up in this outfit due to his parents' procrastination. His "real" costume wasn't ready in time for a day out in the neighborhood. We more than made up for it in the end by finishing up his other costume in time for trick-or-treating (see later pics). And, he really liked this one, too, so it wasn't a big deal.

At The Park at LeDroit, Tommy was recruited by a local Japanese culture youth group to join in their drumming and dancing. They had him at "drum." He was fascinated and went along with the show for a time before getting spooked and running back to us crying. Then a nice member of the troupe let him bang her drum a bit which made him extremely happy.

"I'm a bat!" Costume number 2 was a huge success! In fact, he wore it today, the first day of December. Gotta give Papa the costume maker a pat on the back for this one.

"I'm a scary bat!"