Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catching Z's

A couple of shots of the sleeping boy. He's so sweet and peaceful during these moments. The first one is during his first visit to JJ's place. JJ had him posing with his NY Giants Super Bowl football. Very cute. The second one shows his chubby cheeks and big sweet lips that we love so much.

Catching up

Wow, it's been a while! So Tommy is now about 7 and a half weeks old. He weighs about 11 lbs, 11 oz. and is chunking up nicely. He smiles, giggles, waves his arms and legs around, snores, and generally acts cute all the time. We're really loving every minute we spend with him. Here are some snapshots of what's been going on since the last update...

Shahda came by to check out the little guy. He wondered why Tommy was looking so serious all the time. I think it was because he was trying to solve all the problems in the world. Plenty of time for that, guy. For now, he can focus on eating and sleeping, and he'll be okay.

The Chao-Gays threw a pony ride and petting zoo birthday party for their daughter Emma a few weeks ago. Good times had by all. All the kids could hold and pet a variety of animals including rabbits, ducks, a Vietnamese piglet, and an alpaca. Ginny passed on all those and went straight for Tommy. He looks giant in Julia's arms, but that's merely camera perspective...for now.

After the party, little T got a bath in the bathroom sink. Love his shocked expression in this one...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

That Face

Tommy and Maisy, sittin in a tree...

Last Sunday, Noah, Melanie and their daughter Maisy came over. Noah and Melanie attended the same Bradley Method class that we did, and Maisy was born about a month before Tommy. Good to spend time with another BirthCare family, trading home birth stories and similar experiences since.

Fajitas at the Chen-Nguyen house

After chowing down on delicious fajitas and brownie sundaes, Ginny, Syd and Julia took turns holding the boy. Tommy's small episode of flatulence while being held cracked the girls up. Julia woke up the next day asking, "Where Baby Tommy go?" Sydney reminded her mom that Tommy beefed on her hand. Does anyone really ever outgrow fart humor? You know the answer to that...

That Sunday wore Tommy out, and he slept like a baby (ha!). I like it when he sidles up to me and keeps me warm.

The Petersons visit

Surprise! Chris and Marianne decided to take a spontaneous trip up to DC to visit us on 8/31. David and Tommy got a chance to bond again, and we took them out on U Street stroller patrol.

Sweet kids in sweet rides. Look out, ladies!

Two words: Jumbo Slice.

Has it been that long?

Keeping up with this blogging thing is tough, but here goes...

Steve and Melanie drop by for a visit back on 8/30. Sweet gift basket full of great stuff! Too bad the first one got swiped from our front stoop. Yes, we live in the hood, but thanks, Melanie, for the extra effort to get Tommy's basket replaced and delivered in person.

8/30 was also the UVA football season opener. One to forget. It was a rough introduction to Wahoo football, but welcome to Hooville, Tommy. Check out the socks...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Back at home

After the Richmond trip it was back to the (semi) routine at home. Feedings and diaper changes and a steady stream of visitors.

Shawn and Kim came to visit on Wednesday (congrats to the new housemates!).

Tommy figured out how to suck his thumb! EZ and I were both very proud.

Here is CC bottle-feeding the boy for the first time. He took about 1 1/2 oz. of milk right out of the fridge, no warming needed. What a trooper.

EZ tries the NoJo sling, and Tommy gives the crook eye. Does that mean he approves? (This picture was actually from Richmond, too).

Hard to read, but the outfit (from Auntie Marianne) says, "Thank Heaven For Little Boys."

I thought Tommy looked really cute in the Moby wrap.

EZ loves gazing down at him in the wrap.

The Heraldo clan meets the boy

Lunch was served at Lola's house on our trip to Richmond. The Heraldos came to see the little guy and take turns holding him. He managed to sleep through most of it, but that didn't stop the cuddling.

The cousins generation.

The family with Tita Lucy. We're so happy she's been able to spend time here in the States and hope she returns soon.

Lola and her apo (Tagalog for grandchild).

Tito Rick missed the big lunch but got to see his nephew the next day during his own lunch break.

The Carlton men.

Maybe Sarah will get some babysitting time with Tommy someday.

The elder generation plays Pass the Tommy.

Tita Lucy holds Tommy.

Tita Michelle arrived early to get some Tommy Time.

Tito Kevin visits from Williamsburg and gets to know the little man.

The Mercado ladies meet him for the first time and then fight over whose turn it is to hold him. Good stuff.

Tita Laurie gets a hold of the boy.