Monday, November 1, 2010

Skuut Riding

These vids are from his first ride. He's much skuutier now...

Easy Skuuter

Seems like all the kids around Tommy's age are riding around on new wheels. So for his 2nd birthday, he got himself a Skuut balance bike, which has no training wheels and no pedals, and hit the pavement. It's been fun watching him get his balance and get comfortable enough on the bike to pick up his feet and coast a bit. And he also loves to wear his helment. Whether or not he's riding the bike...

The first helmet we got was this beautiful one with an 8-ball design. For those Seinfeld and David Puddy fans out there (CC included), the appeal of the 8-ball helmet is obvious. "You got a question, you ask the 8-ball!" Plus the black helmet made him look tough. Unfortunately, it didn't fit Tommy's smallish head quite right, so we had to take it back. The replacement sliver helmet is pretty sweet in its own right though.

After assembling the bike for him, we figured he'd be rarin' to go for a ride. However, he got so obsessed with the little bolts that hold the bike together that he pitched a fit on the kitchen floor instead. 2 year olds...

Finally got him ready to ride.

Sportin the new headgear.

The Middle One

Tommy is now the middle Zwicker grandson, between his older cousin David and his new younger cousin Dean who was born in September. We made the trip down to Richmond for Dean's arrival, anxiously waiting in the hospital until he was born and visiting during our weekend stay in town. Congrats to the Petersons!

Earlier in the morning, David came over to Pop and Granny's house for pancakes before he went to daycare and we went to the hospital. The boys waited quietly and patiently at the table as EZ whipped up the pancakes to order.

Being an older cousin is tiring!

Getting Around Town

Tommy and Mama rode the big monster slide at Adams Morgan Day, and then we ventured down to Capitol Hill for brunch at Ted's Bulletin. So much fun stuff to do in this city!

Gone Campin'

Our first joint purchase as a couple was a 6-person tent. Ten years ago. While considering what size tent to buy, I mentioned it would be good to have the extra room "for the little ones." So, ten years later, we finally got to camp with our little guy at Burke Lake Park. It was very enjoyable, and Tommy loved unpacking the car, pitching the tent, roasting marshmallows, and sleeping in sleeping bags.

His favorite part of setting up camp was definitely using the "hay-mah." He's a tool guy, what else would we expect?

He also eagerly carried the sleeping bags from the car to the tent. Such a great helper.

Once the fire got going, the real fun began.

Steak - it's what's for dinner.

Gotta love the light of a good campfire.

Getting those marshmallows melty or "meh-ty." He liked roasting them but didn't like eating them. More for Mama and Papa!

Tommy used the smokescreen to sneak a sip from his Papa's beer bottle (yes, it was empty).

A little hot sauce with your breakfast burrito?

A makeshift umbrella during the morning sprinkle of rain.