Friday, October 31, 2008

Neck Control

Here are a couple of videos showing how Tommy can hold up his head. Strong like bull.

Oldie but Goodie

This video is about a month old or so, but I love it. At the end he makes one of my favorite noises. A very sweet exhaling, "hooowwww." It doesn't quit.

Doin the Tommy Dance

Tommy likes to do a little jig every now and then - during diaper changes, while lying on the floor, in his co-sleeper, etc. It cracks us up. In this video he takes a few seconds to get warmed up, then busts out his favorite dance move. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zwicker Family Trip

The Zwicker family met in Annapolis this weekend for a family trip. We greatly enjoyed the time together, especially seeing David and Tommy bond. David is such a sweet kid, giving kisses and nice touches to his little cousin. Grandpa and Granny also enjoyed spending time with their growing family. Hope to see y'all again soon!

Note it was gameday again, and Tommy came through with an exhilirating 16-13 overtime win over the UNC Tarheels. The win extended the Hoos' win streak to 3 (which was almost unthinkable after they lost to Duke, ugh). UNC has not beaten UVA in Charlottesville since 1981. EZ and I were 6 years old. That's right.

Sunday morning, EZ, Marianne, and the boys all spent a few moments together. These two mothers are doing an amazing job of raising their boys, and it's a joy to watch. (Chris and Chris aren't too shabby as fathers, I might add).

Get a grip

T-bone is getting quite the strong kung-fu grip. Here he holds onto his brush after a bath. Notice how he likes to coordinate his grooming tools with the Snappi that holds his diaper together. Very sophisticated. Tim Gunn would be impressed.

O Canada

Tommy wearing some of his Roots gear in honor of his Canadian Heraldo relatives. Very stylish, we think.

Gladly shares some time in the co-sleeper with the little guy.

Mr. Slobbermouth

Mr. T has started slobbering and drooling a lot more lately. It's cute and messy, but more cute than messy, so it's all good. Here he has some fun before bedtime, then ends up shirtless and passed out. Hmmm, seems like that's happened to me before, too...

The Debut Of A New Hoo Outfit

On October 11th, Tommy debuted his blue Virginia outfit to watch the Hoos take on East Carolina. After spotting the Pirates 6 points, Tommy shook off the cobwebs from the noon start (which is early for him...and his parents), and focused his energy on the game. The home team then rattled off 28 unanswered points and held on for a 2nd straight win. The next big test would be the following week vs. UNC (see related post).

EZ donned her navy blue Wellesley sweatshirt in honor of the Power of Blue day.

Tommy sightings

Just a few shots of Tommy from recent days spent at home with EZ.

Monday, October 6, 2008


On Saturday, little T-Bone brought some much-needed luck to Charlottesville and the Hoos, who delivered a huge 31-0 smackdown of Maryland. He was wide-eyed for about 15 minutes after arriving in Scott Stadium, but he soaked in the atmosphere, settled into the game and inspired the team to an impressive (and unexpected) victory. Big thanks to EZ for overcoming a sore throat and keeping the family committed to making the tailgate and game happen. The Wahoo Nation appreciates your dedication. Game on!

Grandpa gets Tommy into his new gameday gear.

What time is it? GAMETIME! HUH!

T calling his shot before the game. Arms raised in victory. His prediction...31-0 Wahoos! Who knew?

The three Hoos enjoying the show.

Some gameface, eh? Talk about intensity. Fear the turtle? I think not. Fear the Tommy!

And that's another Cavalier...

...First down!

Quick stat - UVA is undefeated in football with Lola and/or Tommy in attendance. Can we get them signed up for season tickets already?

After leaving it all on the field, Mr. T set a new personal record for consecutive hours of sleep that night - 4 hours. What a day!

Still kickin the game face at 1 AM! Who wants some more?!?!?