Friday, April 9, 2010

When Tommy Grows Up...

Though we won't know for quite some time which one he chooses, Tommy has displayed aptitude in several potential career paths:

House Painter

Sous Chef/Vegetable Cutter




Soccer Player (note passerby who says, "... athlete on your hands.")

Strolling Along

Tommy's stroller has seen more action in the past month than it has since the boy was born. Granted, we never really pushed the issue after he showed us early on that he hated to be buckled down in it. Since birth, we've almost exclusively carried him in either the Moby wrap or the Ergo rather than try to force him to get along with his stroller. We figured - why fight it when carrying him allowed us to be hands-free and close to him? Papa also used it as his so-called exercise regimen by claiming that carrying an extra 20 lbs while wandering the streets of DC had to count for something. It also freed us up from having to navigate and stow a bulky piece of equipment as we ventured to various city locations. Plus, we never wanted to be those parents we often saw pushing an empty stroller while carrying a kid who refused to ride in it...

But a new era has dawned in Tommy's street transportation world...the City Mini Era. Could be he's more comfortable in it, is more interested in it, likes facing forward, or just feels the peer pressure from watching other kids ride around in them. Whatever it is, it's given Daddy Daycare a new option for hustling around town. I still miss seeing his face all the time or holding him close, but as the weather warms up, I look forward to not being a sweaty mess after carrying him around chest-to-chest all the time. The ol' knees probably appreciate the lessened load as well. So, roll on!

We give a lot of credit to Tommy's Lola for getting him accustomed to the stroller by pushing him back and forth in the house during a recent visit. It's not a long-distance track, but she made it fun.

He also tried to impress his friend Phoebe with his slick wheels (which are still shiny due to low mileage during Tommy's first year and half).