Friday, September 17, 2010

When He Turned 2

T's Mama and Papa both posted on T's official birthday, but at long last, here are the overdue pics of T-bone's birthday get together at the National Arboretum. It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous setting for us to enjoy a low-key affair complete with Subway sandwiches and champange. Accompanied by friends and family, Tommy had a great time running around (of course), eating cupcakes, and singing Happy Birthday to himself.

How many people does it take to light a #2 candle?

Year 2 survivors portrait.

Digging in. The cupcakes were decorated with some of Tommy's favorite items over the past couple of years - shovel, phone, happy face, airplane, train, ladder, hammer, screwdriver, Bert from Sesame Street, book.

Tommy displays his age. Almost.

"Granny, now that I'm two, may I have some of your champagne?"

Cheers, buddy.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ribbon Cutting

After months of borrowing books and going to sing-song sessions at its temporary structure, Tommy and some playgroup friends attended the grand opening of the new, sleek, environmentally-friendly Watha T. Daniel Library early last month. The Mayor, and several DC Council members and other various politicos from around town were also there, and it felt like everyone was falling over each other to pat themselves on the back and give a speech. All Tommy really wanted to see was the ribbon getting cut by that huge pair of gold scissors! And all we wanted to do was get inside to check out the new hotness. A fun event, despite the talking heads and speeches. The new building is bright, spacious, and full of books. Tommy treats it like a maze where he's supposed to run full speed up and down the aisles.

Excuse me, sir, are you old enough to check out "Adult" books?

Acting the part of bookworm.

This misplaced piece of support material is going to be a source of trouble in the kids' room. The little ones hopped right on and started climbing as soon as they saw it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wellesley and Beantown

Since T was fast approaching 2 years of age (and full fare on airlines), we decided to extend our New England trip to include stops in Wellesley (EZ's alma mater) and Boston (her favorite city). Great weather greeted us in Massachusetts, and we made the most of our last vacation with pre-2 Tommy.

As soon as we got out of the car at Wellesley, the boy was off and running across Severance Green.

When you ask Tommy what any sign says, he always remembers the one on a window sill at BWI which read, "Please keep feet and luggage off window sill." And then he replies with his interpretation, "No feet in dere."

Practicing his valedictorian speech for the class of 2030, assuming men are permitted to attend Wellesley by then...

After a great Thai dinner at Amarin (and more sorbet from next door), we headed to Boston for 3 days. Tommy really enjoyed the Frog Pond and playground and carousel at Boston Common. We stopped there everyday for him to wade in the water and frolick on the playground. And the carousel was so fun, he rode it twice.

After walking the Freedom Trail for a couple of hours, Tommy was mellow enough for us to enjoy a nice Italian meal in the North End. Then we hit Mike's Pastry for cannoli and tiramisu for dessert. Good stuff!

Back to the Frog Pond on day 2.

He's a born gymnast. Here, he's practicing his high bar routine. Gotta stick the landing!

Of course, we had to ride the swan boats. It's just a short ride, but hey, it's tradition.

And back at the hotel for some hijinks.

One more time around the carousel before we head home. Does he look happy? You be the judge...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rhode Eye-Lun Part 2

Not sure how they got aligned to the lefthand side, but these first pics are from our trip over to Block Island, where we nourished ourselves with lobster rolls and ice cream just as soon as we got there. Tommy had his usual sorbet.

Ignoring the classic advice, we hit the beach right after eating.

Then we grabbed a cocktail. Soooo nice to walk right off the sand to the restaurant/bar.

Then it was all aboard the ferry back to the mainland. The ride is so beautiful and relaxing, especially with a bloody mary or a Narragansett beer in hand...

Tommy and Pauline share a sit in a leather chair. This was his first introduction to Sponge Bob. I think he could have taken or left the square-panted one, but we'll see what he thinks about him as time goes on.

Back at Saltaire, the cousins ran around the yard and house like wild children, with Tommy trying to keep up with Thomas, Pauline and Liam.

Then they decided to pile-on Chris.

Cousins Tommy and Thomas share the same adventurous, try-anything spirit. It's fun to watch them pal around. I'm sure they'll be getting into all kinds of trouble together as they get older.

At our bungalow on Knowlesway, Tommy heckles beachgoers as they pass by. (Not really. He's much more likely just to yell out, "HI, PEOPLE!")

The Backpack came with us on this last trip to the beach before leaving Narragansett.

On the day we left, we took a tour of the former Fortune family houses in Warwick near the Providence airport. Uncle Bill's narration was quite entertaining and very educational. We learned a lot about the history of the family in that area, and we even stopped at this Newport Creamery where Tommy's Granny worked as a teenager. Memories...