Wednesday, January 9, 2013

June Catchup

Some highlights from June...

don't know which is better, the huge hug or the fireboots/fairy wings combination

foam pit fun!

she's folded in half

hanging at Lock House 10


gorgeous summer light and gorgeous summer boy

Acorn Hill playground

Tommy, why are you eating your ice cream cone on the floor?  "Because I'm so tired!"

at Westminster

Now that it's winter, I hear endless requests for summer weather and pool time.  This is a kid who loves to swim.
I usually don't like the car seat in photos, but  I'll make exceptions for these next cute ones.

Olive kills time in Whole Foods waiting for big brother to finish camp.

Olive meets Nelson.  Tommy hadn't seen him since he was this big.

Olive and Renzo at PG Pool.  'Argh!' shirt courtesy of big brother's wardrobe.

ready for scootering

At Dumpstaphunk show at the Folklife Festival

making a summer solstice spider
Olive takes a turn on the Star Wars blanket.  See Tommy's turn here.

These two would quietly play while I showered.  Bliss.

new sleeping bag and favorite strawberry yogurt bar

they look similar here.  we can't resist photos of sleeping wee ones.

Tommy rocking a pink glitter flaming skull tattoo.  Oh, and there's a panda there too.


Tommy where are you putting those stickers?  "Nowhere!"

At the Fairlington pool

Tommy and Anya at her birthday party

post DC Noodles lunch with whole family and Lola

May Catchup

A quick update in pictures from the Mama......  (all pictures from May in an effort to play catch up)

my three loves at Bayfront Park

Mama multi-tasking

museum visit with Granny and Pop

camping at Burke Lake Park with 6 girls and 1 boy
this is what Olive thought of camping

photo shoot while big brother is in the tub (gosh, I miss her staying put for photos)

sharing a bed, sharing sleep

Sandy Point with friends

Tommy and Phoebe at the gym, two peas in a pod

for some reason he looks reluctant here, but he could not be a more enthusiastic golfer!

Tommy and Nina doing what they do

on the way to the drum circle

Learning to juggle at the drum circle.  I had to put my extrovert hat on that day to ask the jugglers if they'd give T a lesson.  T is good for me that way.

dinner on the patio
sleeping beauty