Monday, October 11, 2010

Picture Shows

Here are a few vids of the little guy in action:

In this one, he's replaying the 4th of July fireworks show we watched from Cardozo High School. He does a nice job imitating the colorful explosions, complete with accurate sound effects and hand motions.

During our trip to New Orleans, Tommy and The Backpack were a blur through the French Quarter.

Tommy's rendition of I've Got A Song by Ray Charles and Bert and Ernie. Here's a link to the original clip

Here's a peek at indoor football practice.

Lastly, this is a video of T trying to grab some toys out of his Papa's hands and laughing up a storm. We love his laugh. It's so infectious and unbridled. And like a friend said recently, his smile takes up his whole face.

A Peach Of A Time

On a hot day in August, while his Papa was off playing some atrocious golf, T took a trip over to Great Country Farms with his Mama and Ginny and Julia to do some peach pickin'.

Puttin' their feet up after a long day. Although they had a great time, this picture looks like they're thinking, "Please don't make us go back out there and pick more peaches!"