Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23

Petworth Coop: migratory patterns of butterflies, animals who use camouflage, caterpillar life cycle

Dissect nuts discovered at the Franciscan Monastery, open a seed pod and discuss dependency of some plants on butterflies, birds, and bees for pollination.  Others have seeds that travel.

Bike riding to Nina's house and create an invisible potion.

September 13- 20

learning knife safety while dissecting

We've been dissecting the fruits and lantern leaves we've found on our walks.  On this day we took the fruit and stamped them in paint to make pictures.  The paint colors got mixed as we talked about color combinations (yellow and blue make green) and explored why the paint didn't cover the crayon drawing. 

We've had an exercise in patience and science with a sea monkeys kit.  The eggs finally hatched, much to everyone's relief.  They needed some sunlight for the algae to grow. 

School continues to go well.  
Here's T's class, can you spot our superhero?
wonderful day of coop as monday teacher. this was my first day on the job ( officially) and it was great start to finish despite the rain : ) 
thanks joy! 

We've had two wonderful homeschooling fieldtrips this week.  The first was to Hillwood Estate and Gardens, the former home of Marjorie Merriweather Post.  She was quite a unique woman, and it was a treat to see her mansion and estate.  The museum houses the largest collection of Russian art outside of Russia. 

Here's a description of our class: 
In FabergĂ©’s Workshop: Explore the collection of Russian imperial art in the mansion.  Study a magnificent portrait of Catherine the Great and see objects that belonged to the Tsars and Tsarinas of Russia, including the intricate creations of imperial Russia’s legendary jeweler, Peter Carl FabergĂ©.  Afterwards, create your own Faberge-inspired treasure.

guess who wore a cape to Hillwood?
O listening intently in the Ergo
It's one of the few museums in DC that charges, so this was our first time there.  Afterwards the kids picnicked and played in the gardens.  

Later in the week we went to the Corcoran for a tour.  There were just 4 kids in our group, and it was a pleasure to get such a customized and private look at the galleries.  The guide really made it kid-centric.

A description of our class: 
Look, Listen, Discover 
Explore works of art by connecting paintings and sculptures with the five senses. Imagine the sound of thunderous waves crashing,the smell and taste of salty ocean water, or the feel of slippery sand between your toes.

crafting in the art studio after the tour

2 story slide

getting caped up

Chris was away for the weekend, so I sent him this picture of the sleeping littles.
Lola visited to help with co-op duty. Here we are walking home from the library.

Olive loves coloring.  I don't remember Tommy liking it quite as well at this age.

Half way finished with Dean's bday card.  I've never seen T have so much focus and determination with a coloring project. It's been inspiring to watch him concentrate so hard.
T has been doing tons of bike riding lately, and we've checked out some new parks, including Harrison and Hamilton. We played with Renzo this week for his first drop-off ever, and it was great seeing Tommy coaching and helping someone other than Olive. There was lots of time in the kitchen, making our meals of course, but also special treats like popcorn, brownies, and banana blueberry muffins.  Lola visited and there was some limbo playing!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept 11

I was the on duty parent today at Tommy's new school, so Olive played with Renzo. 

happy moment making music with Adrienne and Renzo!
It was tough for T to share me at school, and he even said he liked it better when I wasn't there.
Spent O's nap listening to Sparkle Stories and reading.

quiet time: listening to stories and reading fairy tales
writing and decorating thank you notes
We spent the afternoon working on thank you notes, and Tommy tested the laws of physics by swinging and launching figures from a popped balloon with a ribbon.

Day 2 of Kindergarten

Water play
testing volume of different containers
little sis in big bro's shorts, standing in the designated foot bath
Bath with shaving cream, talked about pressurized contents
used the shower head like a seat belt
Read Mouse House
Used ruler to measure 1/8 inch, referenced in book
Used playdough to illustrate fractions
Free play with playdough
Long walk to Stead. T biked. Collected nature to study: fruit, dried lantern flowers, berries, feathers
playing with bungee blaster
she loved this, even after her chin got bonked

Saw beer delivery truck and talked about taps
Pitango for ice cream on the way home.
"Mo" ice cream!

raspberry lemon cone

September 9, 2013 First Day of Kindergarten

Tommy went to a new school today: the Petworth Coop. By all accounts he did great. Drop off was easy, and he didn't want to leave when it was time to go. O napped so early without her exciting brother around to distract her. I scrubbed the toilet, did laundry, and caught up with a former colleague. Hooray!
Tommy had lots of special snacks packed for school, and a note from Chris. We met Chris for a pizza lunch, but T was exhausted!  I think school took a lot out of him.
without bubble


couldn't pick just one of these

In the afternoon, we listened to Jai Uttal's music and stories. Both kids danced around. Then we drew scenes from the Hanuman story, cut them out, placed them in sequential order, and then T retold the story to Chris when he got home.
tried unsuccessfully to get a picture of O hugging T's orange kitty