Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun with a new camera

Last week we joined the DSLR world (thanks, Kevin). Here are a few pics from our first attempts to figure out how to use it. Hopefully we'll really get the hang of it and produce some great photos. Stay tuned...

Cute outfit

He's pretty much outgrown this outfit, so I had to get a picture of him in it on the blog for posterity's sake.

Lullaby and Good Night

We think he's an angel when he sleeps...

More random shots at home

Tommy often makes this face when he sees me. We have our own way of speaking to each other which is basically blowing mini-raspberries at each other and then laughing about it.

The perspective of this picture doesn't quite show it, but EZ turned around one day to find Tommy like this - asleep, blanket over face, practically falling onto the floor. He had sidled down so much he nearly fell out. We started buckling him in soon after that...

In this two-picture sequence, you can see how he's starting to get his roll on. He's rolled over from back to belly three times. I have yet to witness this, as it happened twice while I was on the way to work and the other time while I was at work (dang job). He's getting there though.

From this position, he's so close to rolling onto his tummy. Just gotta kick that leg over! You gotta want it, Tommy.

Tommy's an expert medicine-taker. We've been giving him Mylanta and Zantac for his acid reflux, and he takes it like a pro. I guess he considers any liquids that go in his mouth to be food, and he's never been one to skip a meal. Look how happy he looks!

Thanksgiving w/the Zwickers

Tommy's first Thanksgiving meal was breakfast at the Zwickers' house. Little did we know that last year at Thanksgiving, Tommy was also with us, but he was in EZ's belly! We found out we were going to be parents on the Tuesday after last year's Thanksgiving, so it was very special to have him in person with us this year.

Aunt Marianne plays the bumblebee game with Tommy. She had him (and everyone else) cracking up!

Tommy started doing the tripod sit that weekend! It's been so much fun watching him develop motor skills. EZ is a bit scared of him being mobile, but each new thing he learns is so exciting and precious that we're enjoying it while not thinking too far ahead. He's a fast learner!

Note: I'll have to get the pics from Thanksgiving with the Heraldo clan from other folks. We forgot our camera! Ugh.