Friday, February 13, 2009

The Big Day - Inauguration

After considering the weather (bitter cold, but sunny), we got all bundled up again to go down to the Mall for the big event. We just had to be there for this moment in history, and considering we live within walking distance, there was no way we could not go. Typically, we got out of the house later than planned, but actually lucked out and caught a cab to GW, then walked the rest of the way to the Lincoln Memorial. Being late turned out to be a good thing as it saved us about 2 miles of walking. Bonus! The Lincoln was less crowded since it's all the way on the other side of the Mall from the Capitol where all the action was. But there was something about standing and watching and listening to Obama take the oath and give his address from the place where MLK had stood and dreamed his dream. Very moving. Tommy, however, seemed unimpressed. He slept most of the time, woke up to nurse while the oath was taken, then went back to sleep for the long journey home. We'll tell you all about it when you get older, little guy.

Layering up to stay warm out there. Boy was it cold! Totally worth it though.

On 23rd Street, heading south to the Lincoln. The crowds on foot were thin by this time, but excitement was still in the air.

Mom and our view from the Lincoln. She could hardly contain her excitement and got brave and headed up to the Washington Monument by herself. She got as far as the crowd in front of the jumbotron which was off to the right of the Lincoln.

The family enjoying the moment.

Back home, pouring bubbly to celebrate making it to the Inauguration and back. What troopers!

Tommy trying to get in on the champagne action.

By the end of the day, the little guy was all tuckered out, as were all of us. Here, he puts his head down on his Lola's shoulder before we all turned in for the night, inspired and full of hope for our country and its people (has the economy been fixed yet?)

Inauguration Eve on U St.

On the night before Inauguration, we got bundled up and headed out to U Street to enjoy the festive atmosphere. Tons of people were out, walking up and down the street, waiting in line for Ben's Chili Bowl, just reveling in the moment. Vendors were selling any kind of Obama gear you can imagine. On the eve of history, U Street was hopping more than usual, and it was the place to be.

This guy carved OBAMA in red, white and blue ice blocks and set them up in front of Ben's Chili Bowl. The ice was flying all over the place as folks stopped to watch.

The now well-known mural of Obama on a wall at 14th and U Streets.

The crowd gathers around a drum circle at 14th and U Streets. The international, all-women drum troupe Batala Washington was kicking Brazilian beats while people grooved and celebrated the upcoming inauguration.

Tommy was trying to get a look at the lady drummers drumming, but had to settle for listening to the beat.

We all enjoyed the show for a while before heading over to Love Cafe for dessert.

Inside Love Cafe, ordering cake under the American flag.

On the way home, the guy had gotten around to carving the M.

EZ is all smiles, thinking about braving the cold weather the following day to be among the crowd on the National Mall as Obama takes the oath.

Fun With Friends

Tommy has been spending a lot of time out and about with friends. On a school progress report, he would get a comment, "Plays well with others."

Tommy and EZ with Melanie and Maisy. They're both growing so fast!

JJ gets a little face time with T.

EZ joined Susie and her son, Louis at the Building Museum, a very beautiful place to hang out. Although the perpective in this picture makes Tommy look bigger than his buddy, that is not the case. Louis has got it all over Tommy in heft and mobility, but the little guy is trying to keep up. Lookout!

Tommy looking cute in Ginny's lap. He had just woken up from a nap during their trip to the mall, he was clearly happy to be in Ginny's arms

Welcome to the Jungle

This is Tommy playing on his activity mat. These pics are from 1/8/09, so I obviously have a lot of blogging to do to catch up to the present. And at present, T-bone is a crawling, squealing, grabbing-everything-in-sight wild man. Stay tuned.

Whatchu lookin at?