Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a long strange trip it's been...

Ready for the ride home, Tommy grabbed hold of his sheep toy and then fell asleep.

We hit Richmond for a quick visit with Claire and her mom and kids. Then we went to Timberwood Place and Skeet Street to see the grandparents before heading back up 95 to DC.

Yes, the car seat is pink. It's toughening him up.

Back home and asleep with his Mama.


While we were in the area, we met up with Nelson for lunch in Durham. Ate at a great restaurant called Firebirds, and Tommy got to meet his first Pham brother.

At first, Mr. T wasn't sure what to make of NXP..."Uh, who's this guy?"

"Oh, it's Nelson! He's alright by me. I'll give him a smile."

"Bartender, I'll take a cold one, please."

"Where's that guy with my cold one?"

Carrboro, a few weeks ago

We drove down to Carrboro to visit the Rhees and introduce Tommy to Aidan and Howard. We had a wonderful time seeing their great new house and hanging out, despite the Tar Heel infested town (Carrboro is right next to Chapel Hill and UNC). Aidan got to know the little guy and seemed to enjoy his company.

Aidan has fun pointing out different parts of EZ's face. He's one sharp kid!

He earned a big hug from his godmother...

The Wellesley women and their boys share smiles.

Shout out to Tita Liz

Here's the guy in a onesie from Tita Liz, NYC.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Election Night 2008

After watching the election results come in with neighbors, we all headed to the streets to be part of the celebration. It was so incredible watching the jubilant U Street crowd grow and grow until traffic was stopped, and strangers were running up and down the streets, hugging, high-fiving, smiling, shouting, playing music and chanting. It was a moving scene, especially being reminded that the people of DC (well, about 93% of the people according to the voting results) were celebrating Obama's win in a neighborhood that was once devastated by the riots following MLK's assassination 40 years ago. We got home after midnight and heard the party going on well past 2:30am. We forgot to take pictures of Tommy's first visit to the polls earlier that morning, but we'll tell him the story when he gets older.

The crowd at 14th and U Streets.

Bohemian Caverns at 11th and U Streets. I was still working on the proper camera settings, but this one turned out to be kinda cool.


3 shots of us at home in black and white. I like these.

Chicken or Egg?

Tommy's second Halloween costume was a chicken outfit from Claire. On Halloween night, we gathered with some friends near the White House for a scavenger hunt. Our team was appropriately named the Chicken and the Egg in honor of Tommy (the chicken) and soon-to-be-born teammate carried by Lena (the egg). The hunt involved answering questions based on clues related to historic buildings, galleries and stores near the White House. After tying another team, we won a tiebreaker by answering the following question: In what year was the movie Ghostbusters released? Elizabeth provided the answer on the button, and we took home the t-shirts. Then we all went to Old Ebbitt Grill to celebrate.

The winning team (L-R): Rich, Lena (and egg), EZ, CC, Tommy, Mike, Samara.
After wandering the streets of DC, Tommy was all tuckered out.

The 102nd Dalmation

Mr. T's first Halloween costume was a Dalmation outfit from his Lola. Although he didn't make it out trick or treating, he and Lola had a quick photo shoot before she went home to Richmond. Pongo and Perdita would have been lucky to have a puppy so cute.

Visitors from the ATL

Tommy met a fellow August baby a few weeks ago - Dean Cannon from Atlanta. Susan and Duncan came up to visit, and the introductions were made at Tom and Meredith's house. The little guys seemed to get along as well as two 2-month old babies can.