Monday, August 30, 2010

Rhode Eye-Lun Part I

We took a long weekend trip to Narragansett, Rhode Island, in late July to hang with the Fortune side of the family, hit the beach, eat a lot of seafood, and basically relax. It was nice to see everyone and to enjoy a real vacation instead of a work trip. Just what the doctor ordered...

Iggy's is a regular stop when we visit. Love the clamcakes and lobster rolls.

Gotta get over to Point Judith to see the lighthouse and walk on the rocky shore. Tommy thought the lighthouse horn was too loud. Maybe he has sensitive ears (see previous Gravelly Point post).

The kid does a lot of running.

He also likes to strike random poses.

Back at Saltaire for birthday cake and some adult beverages. Note, none of the kids in the picture partook of any adult beverages. Of course, they all had cake. Happy birthday, Gary and EZ!

Then we hit the beach. It's been said before, but bears repeating - Tommy loves the water.

There he goes, running again.

We caught a beautiful moonrise after eating carryout from Aunt Carrie's. This big, bright red moon came up out of the ocean and dazzled us.

More of this trip to come...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Plane Spotting

One recent weekday, the boy and his Papa went to Gravelly Point to watch the planes takeoff and land from DCA. He appeared to enjoy the scene, but his only commentary was, "Too Loud!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Orleans Revisited

No, we didn't go back, but I found some more pictures that I missed posting before. So here are the rest from our fun trip to the Big Easy.

Cafe du Monde. We thought the beignets were a bit overrated, but having them there at that spot was the real deal experience we expected. The word chicory makes me chuckle for some reason...

A small parade came by as we sat at Cafe du Monde, so naturally Tommy had to check it out. From his expression, Napoleon didn't seem all that impressed by Tommy's cuteness. Rude Frenchman...

Mr. So-and-So at the hotel pool, looking for some lovely damsel to rub his back with suntan lotion.

After wandering the streets of New Orleans, Tommy fell asleep holding the phone. We've started unplugging the phone cords in hotel rooms because he's constantly taking them off the hook.

Riding the streetcar.

Playing a little peek-a-boo with Lola.

The Backpack hits the French Quarter.

On this night, after narrowly missing being hit by beer bottles falling from a balcony, Tommy was introduced to his new favorite treat - Sorbet. La Divina Gelateria is on his recommended list, but he'll take his sorbet from anywhere.

And finally...The Backpack on the Steamboat Natchez.

The Backpack

As you may have noticed, Tommy has been wearing a backpack in some recently-posted pictures. For the full month of July it was practically stitched on to his back. He would not leave the house without it, and it could be spotted during all of our travels - Richmond, New Orleans, Narragansett, Boston. It's become a part of the family...

I don't see anything wrong with wearing a pumpkin hat, winter mittens and a backpack. Do you?

Keep your eyes open for more sightings of The Backpack...

Randoms From May and June

Here are a few more catch-up pics from what seems like a long time ago...

Lola makes Tommy (and his parents) happy by bringing Filipino eggrolls called Lumpia when she comes to visit. Tommy calls them, "Loopy, Loopy," and loves to eat em.

Backyard toddler pool. We set up a little pool out back, got Tommy in his birthday suit, and let him go for it. Good times ensued...

"Whatchu lookin at?"

One of his favorite books is What Do People Do All Day? He goes crazy, pointing out all the cool things in Busytown.

Sometimes the little man insists on wearing his winter mittens ("dubbs") in the summertime. Who are we to deny him? Plus, you need winter mittens to hold a spray bottle of water when you go outside, right? Right.

One ungodly hot day, we decided it would be a good idea to walk around at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in DC and bake in the sun. Despite the oppressive heat and nearly melting our buns off, we enjoyed the scenery, and Tommy tried to catch a bug.

What can we say? Our little diva likes women's shoes. Work it, girl.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday from T's Mama

Tommy, you are two today. Last night we watched the video of your birth and were reminded how much we've all changed since that fateful day in August 2008. I barely knew how to comfort the just-born crying baby in my arms, our bedroom was not yet Tommy-proofed, your Papa was not even Papa just yet (we were all calling him Daddy) and you were a wriggly tiny version of yourself not yet able to curse. Yes, you curse now.

You do everything now. Your mantra lately is, "I do that. I try. I taste. I touch. I type. Milky side!" You've mastered the playground, and you're hungry for bike riding (the two-wheeled variety, of course). You take the stairs without any assistance. You amaze us every day with your vocabulary and your powers of observation. I never thought I'd be spelling out words to an 18-month old. Back then I was spelling out your obsessions: door, keys, outside. Now I'm spelling your current trigger words like sorbet, throw, and sad. You've just started grasping emotions, but you've been empathetic and quick to offer a hug when you know someone needs it.

Your extroversion surprises and delights your Papa and me. At church this week you waved and shouted out, "hello, people!" I'm told you embody what it is to be a Leo, and this terrifies me, but I love you all the more fiercely because you are so different from me.

I hope that you continue to challenge me to be a better mother for you, and a better person for you and for your Papa. Two years ago today, meeting you was one of happiest moments of my life, and seeing you today reminded me how much that mama-love I had for you at birth has matured. I love you today and always, Mr. T Bone. What a powerful teacher you've been. Thank you.

Happy Birthday!

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body." -Elizabeth Stone

The little man turned two today. It's hard to believe that year three is starting already. What a ride it's been! The quote above just about sums up what being parents has meant to Elizabeth and me. Tommy is a joy (despite the moments when he's been acting his age lately). A neighbor once called him the perfect child, and while no one is perfect, we think he comes pretty darn close.

This is a picture of him today, holding a picture of himself last year, holding a picture of himself on the day he was born.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July Birthday Weekend In Richmond

Several family members, including T's Mama, celebrated late June/early July birthdays, so we packed up the car and headed down I-95 to be together in honor of another year under their belts. First, T and his Papa went over to Tito John's house so the little ones could play together. Tommy was introduced to a new world of fun things to do there, and left saying "Layna" and "Gaysun" all the way home.

Next up was the birthday dinner at a Chinese buffet. The fish pond was a huge hit, and keeping the kids seated was a challenge, but it was great to see everyone.

And before hitting the road home, we had lunch at the Zwicker house. Tommy and cousin David played with Junior (the water fountain), and opened a great gift from the Petersons. Tommy loves this toolset, complete with moving saw!