Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween Weekend

Tommy sported his Denver Nuggets warmup suit for three days straight over Halloween weekend as we hit up local events and friends' parties. Starting Friday night, he appeared at 5 events in the outfit, and by the time we started dressing him in it for the last one, he was about done wearing it. He was a good sport though and looked like a true NBA baller out on the town. Holla!

Riding the Metro on the way to our first event, Hilloween at Eastern Market in Capitol Hill.

Tons of families were out in great costumes for the event.

Tommy spent more time biting this little nerf basketball than dribbling or shooting it. He did start working on his bounce passes later on, and that's when we put an end to his attempts to eat it.

After Hilloween, we ate at the Fudd, and Tommy started getting rowdy (rowdy pictures not shown). Good thing the night was over after that...but the Halloween weekend had just gotten started.

The next morning, T and Papa headed over to a community garden in DC where kids enjoyed face-painting, caramel apples, balloons, and live music in an urban garden setting.

Then later in the day it was over to a gathering a few blocks away for refreshments and a costume parade. We didn't know anyone there, but we still felt welcome, and Tommy made some new fans.

Finally, Sunday morning Tommy donned his outfit for the final time, and we headed over to the Chen-Nguyen household for brunch. For perhaps the first time since Tommy arrived, the adults were able to sit and enjoy a meal in relative peace, as Sydney and Julia kept an eye on the little guy. And the accompanying adult beverages were most definitely enjoyed by all.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Out of Towner

We took at trip down to Carrboro to visit the Rhees and meet Callie, their new daughter. She's a cute one! Tommy took to the treadmill like he's been walking his whole life.

Papa ordered the big beer.

Next up was a business trip to Saint Louis with his Mama. Can't really tell that's a Saint Louis luggage cart, but it is. Tommy felt the need to push it all around the lobby to show off his muscles. If it's any indication, he's going to put on a hell of a show during the Festivus Feats of Strength this year.

Then it was over to Baltimore to visit friends. Here are some shots taken in the playroom of Nidhi's sister's beautiful home in Federal Hill. Tommy and Nid's nephew Nikhil had a lot of fun hanging out.

In Towner

Various places in DC where Tommy spends his free time.

Washington Circle:

At home making music with friend Lyla:

Dupont Circle:

Tangy Sweet in Dupont Circle with friends Leo and Sophie:

National Portrait Gallery courtyard:

Outside EZ's work building in Chinatown:

Outside the Building Museum:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Georgetown Waterfront

This area by the river in Georgetown used to be a parking lot. Now it's a great grassy park area where Tommy and Sophie ran around enjoying a bright sunny day in October. It's a decent alternative to Gravelly Point, with lots of planes and helicopters flying by.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

He Really Does

The shirt says it all...

Moving Men

Tommy is really such a little helper around the house. Here he is giving his Papa a hand moving the refrigerator back into position. This was accompanied by a vigorous grunting sound each time he pushed, clearly indicating that he was putting forth an all-out effort.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Westminster House

Another quick video of Tommy playing at Westminster Park near our place. It may seem like a random shot of a plastic house's shutters, but wait for it...wait for it....

Monday, November 2, 2009

In Stead

Another spot we frequent is Stead Park. It's a great park with lots of fun stuff for kids. The corkboard type ground in the play area is especially forgiving to falling children's knees. Can't wait to see T tackle the climbing wall someday.

Here are a couple of videos from that day. Good stuff...

The Building Museum

Tommy is getting to be a regular at the Building Museum where they have a play area for kids. Here he is trying his hat at construction work. Get it? Building Museum. Construction. Yeah, it's a hoot alright.

More Beach Pics

From the other camera...

Tommy shows Lola how he says "Hello" and motions like he's answering a phone.

No chance of getting the three cousins to pose together. No chance.

I'm forever blowing bubbles...